Winter 2022: Whole Living

Learning to Define Luxury Through Discernment… The past few years have challenged me to examine what it means to live whole.   I have been challenged emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally in a way that makes me identify with how Zora Neale Houston described some years as those, ” . . . that ask questions.” TheseContinue reading “Winter 2022: Whole Living”

It’s Cherry Blossom Season, Again.

Which is a reminder that even in winter, things grow. Japanese magnolias are why I like cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms remind me of Japanese magnolias. In early spring, in both types of trees the blooms appear before the foliage arrives. When I was younger and living in in southern Louisiana, I thought that this phenomenonContinue reading “It’s Cherry Blossom Season, Again.”