About Me

“What’s in a Rosnolia?” Well, put simply, a Rosnolia is a budding cross of steel-magnolia and desert rose, settling roots among cherry blossoms. It’s the perspective I’ve garnered from my life experiences thus far in marketing, international trade, law study, and the geographic locations that I’ve called home. A Rosnolia is a word I made up that combines the phrases, “Steel Magnolia” and “Desert Rose”, you know, like the Sting song. The magnolia is a flower I’m fairly familiar with seeing, having grown up in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Desert Rose is characteristic I acquired when my family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was in college.

I’ve lived in Washington, DC now for almost a decade. I decided to start this blog in 2022 in hopes that sharing my perspective might inspire others just as I’ve become inspired living within changing seasons and patiently waiting every spring for the cherry blossoms to come into bloom.

For inquiries feel free to contact me at Rosnoliallc or on Instagram @rosnolia.